About Me

My personal unmuting started at the ripe old age of 26.  I had a quarter-life crisis spurned by a divorce and being laid off from the job I was thinking about turning into a lifetime career.  I quit the job I was working, sold almost everything I owned, and moved across the country to Los Angeles to attend fashion school.  My day job finds me in Product Development making Halloween costumes.  And yes, sometimes it is as cool as it sounds!  My night and weekend job finds me hanging out with the little human I helped create (also known as my son), discovering the world through his unmuted and often hilarious perspective, and dreaming about where my next vacation should be.  I like big thoughts, dreams, and ideas and get along well with other big dreamers. If your answer to “why” is often “why not,” you may just be my next favorite friend.  I love fashion, wine, and scary movies. My current goals include: making this blog amazing, reading more books this year than I did last year, and starting half marathon training because I’ve already run one, so why not another?!?

About Me Photo Shoot B-Sides:

My husband escaping from and my son running into the very same picture, and my son taking a turn behind the camera below