Back To Flat, Part 3

Can you believe it?!? I almost cannot myself. We are finally for-real at Part 3 of this series that was supposed to be four weeks long. But of course it was longer because, you know, life. For those of you that have been with me during the entire journey, thank you for hanging in here with me. For those here for the first time, I invite you to read Part 1 of this series here just so you can be up to speed. If you’d rather just dive in, let’s get to it already!

I have completed Natalie Hodson’s Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor exercise program to repair my diastasis recti situation. Again, if you’re joining me on this journey just today, here is my first post that goes into more detail about diastasis recti. I have dared to brave a bikini picture with stretch marks and all for the sake of you, my Unmuted tribe. Below from left to right (front views and side views) are my progress pictures, starting with day one and ending with the bikini pictures I took yesterday:

In retrospect, I should have taken all of these pictures in the same bikini so we could better see the progression. However, I still think you can see the difference in my legs and tummy on the front views in all three pictures. Anyway….Because I’m a meticulous Virgo, I went one step further and put yesterday’s bikini shots on either side of myself in a bikini six years ago (the same picture of myself in the Green checked bikini I used to start this series). Check this out:

Guess which me I prefer? Myself today! Which I think, in a perfect unmuted world, is exactly how it should be. If I don’t love how I look today then I’m not living my life according to my own rules of unmuting I’ve been spewing for almost a year now. My stretch marks and scars are badges of honor and reminders of what my body can do, has done, and how far I’ve come. Part of being comfortable with and proud of your physical self has a lot to do with being comfortable with and proud of your inner self, in which case you have to unmute and recognize just who you are and be okay with it. And I don’t mean “okay” in the sense of “well, that’s not what I wanted but it’s okay.” I mean “okay” as in “I’ve never been good at math, and I’m okay with this because there are plenty of other people who ARE good at math. So they can do the math and I’m going to keep doing what I’M good at, which is (insert what you are good at here).”

I feel strong and healthy. I can now sleep on my stomach again with very little pain which is HUGE for me as this is my preferred sleeping position I haven’t been able to enjoy since the second trimester of my pregnancy. Which, as of today, was just over five years ago. I don’t notice that I have more energy because I’ve always been energetic, but I feel (and look) leaner, especially on my top half. I’ve lost a total of almost three inches in my waist, one inch in my hips, and six pounds. For the last two weeks I’ve been drinking at least six glasses of red water each day (more on red water in a near-future post), green tea, and still limiting alcohol and sweets to weekend-only treats. And bad-day necessities. Because when Mama’s had a day, it’s usually red wine and popcorn for dinner.

On a whim (and probably trying to divert attention and avoid a meltdown), my husband recently asked my son what he likes to help me do. His reply? He likes to help me work out. I’m ELATED that I am passing on to my son the disciplines of making healthy eating choices and taking care of your body, and that he wants to work out with me. I can’t wait until we can run a race together (if he ends up having a love for running like I do) and share in the joy and accomplishment of getting a hard-earned medal placed around your neck. Until then, I hope to keep being a good model for him. Little does he know he’s my main motivation–I have to be able to keep up with him!

I am SO HAPPY that I found Natalie’s training method to help me safely get my tummy back to a place that is acceptable and pleasing to me. Notice the “to me” in that last sentence because at the end of the day if I’m not happy with myself it’s my own fault and no one else’s. I am happy to have a flatter tummy this summer season than I did last year. I am also happy that I decided to stick with the Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor program and discipline myself enough to get my stomach flatter without surgery. There is a surgical option to repair diastasis recti but I could not contemplate having to recover from another major stomach surgery–the two I’ve had in my life for my cesarean section and hernia repair have been plenty for me. I am not a superhuman and I was able to do this. If you are reading this and struggling with your own unhappiness with your body and are not sure if you can change it, please believe and trust me when I say you can. You CAN! Because, why not? And, how will you know if you don’t ever try?

As always, if you have specific questions for me about what I’m eating and what kind of exercises I’m doing, please shoot me a message in the comments section or here and I’ll be happy to tell you all about it. Or, if you’ve found something that is a God-send in helping to keep your tummy flat and the rest of your body in shape as well, please do share with me and the rest of my unmuted community.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Vic Emerson

    June 15, 2018 at 4:29 am

    Awesome Congratulations

  2. Kat Damiani

    June 17, 2018 at 9:57 am

    Awesome results! And I NEED to know about this red water. Pretty please!

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