Crystal Healing And Tarot Readings

What would you do if you could hear the voice of your intuition? Would you use its guidance to achieve your goals and help make your dreams actualities? Would hearing this voice change what you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Would it change how you interact with others and how you see the world and the people in it? I can tell you that all of this is possible to do and achieve and is VERY real! I want to help you along the amazing journey that is your life and get you to living the unmuted life you were destined to live from the day you were born with the help of crystals and Tarot.

My own experience with crystals and Tarot began many moons ago, first starting with Tarot. I was drawn to Tarot as an adolescent but did not start studying it until I was an adult. Like many talented Tarot readers, I myself was my first favorite “client.” It was not until I started reading Tarot for close friends and family and hearing their feedback of how accurate my readings were that I started contemplating being open to reading for strangers. I believe that if you have a true gift of any kind, then part of what you owe the universe is to use that gift to help others.

A few years ago I began discovering the wonder and magick of crystals and how they can work in your life. I wanted to find natural ways to help with some personal pains and ailments and the more I read, researched, and uncovered the more I wanted to read, research and uncover even more of these wonderful, naturally-made wonders! My most recent accomplishment with crystals has been becoming a Certified Crystal Practitioner so I can help others learn how to get them working in their own lives.

My journey with them is constantly changing as I myself grow and mature, but one thing remains a constant: Tarot provides the clarity I want and crystals provide the focused energy I need for whatever I want to achieve, be it a pick-me-up in the morning after a late night for concentration (hello, Peridot), or a boost to my self-esteem for an important meeting (Citrine’s got that covered). Below are the three most basic packages I offer. Don’t live in the Greater Los Angeles area, or just don’t want to fight traffic? Not a problem thanks to Skype and FaceTime. Don’t see your perfect fit below? Contact me and we’ll work out your perfect strategy together! I am also available for parties and groups, whether you’re having a party and would like a Tarot reader or if you’d like a group informational session about crystal healing.

PACKAGE ONE: Crystal Beginnings Session that includes:

  • Insight about your birth crystal color and element, and those ruling your current life season
  • Which crystals to use as aids to bring about what you want on a general basis, and how to go about getting them
  • If necessary and/or desired, a one-card pull Tarot reading to help connect your conscious to your subconscious–this can be especially helpful if you do not have a specific intent in mind for what you want to work on or desire for yourself

PACKAGE TWO: Advanced Crystal Healing–for those with very specific ailments or desires that includes:

  • An initial one-on-one session with me to determine what will best help, be it a crystal grid, crystal feng-shui in the space that is causing stress, or a crystal elixir
  • A follow-up session to deliver your goods to you that we agreed upon in the initial meeting with a full tutorial and detailed instructions on how to put it to work for you

PACKAGE THREE: 30-minute Tarot Reading Session that includes:

  • A brief history of Tarot, especially helpful for those who have never before had a reading with me, including how to use its wisdom to help guide your life. This is in addition to your 30-minute reading.
  • A 30-minute reading involving very specific spreads if you have a certain issue in mind, or several pulls if you have more than one question or issue for which you are seeking guidance
  • Please note: my Tarot specialty is helping people get through things or come to realizations that are sometimes hard to admit or see. No matter what answers you seek, things such as this can sometimes be revealed in just a one card pull. I offer my readings to all who are ready to face or hear the truth, as long as you remember that we don’t get a choice in what Tarot decides to tell us, nor does it always tell us what we want to hear.