Justice And Peace, Tarot Style

As today is the official first day of Fall, Summer is now definitely over. What a Summer we had. Our country’s Coronavirus death toll rose—and continues to rise—with seemingly no end in sight. People in Portland are still protesting police brutality against Black people (rock on and thank you). Wildfires are currently raging on the West coast and I’ve woken up to ashes swirling in the air like the nastiest snow you never wanted to see more than once for the past two weeks. And to top it all off, we will be voting for our choice of President of the United States in about 40 days between two candidates who both appear to have one foot in the grave. I’m beyond crying rivers; I can now cry oceans.

How does one try to make sense of all this, other than going to sleep and hoping to wake up in 2022? Yes, 2022; because 2021 is now just three months away and I don’t see anything becoming drastically different in that short amount of time. I decided to do a Tarot spread focusing on the Justice card. I chose Justice because when I looked up the definitions of the word—lawfulness, rightfulness, equitableness, and the administering of deserved punishment or reward to name a few—they rang true with what I feel needs to happen with some of our current events; some wrongs need to be righted. The Justice card in my deck looks like this:

She looks like a bad mutha shut-yo-mouth to me. For those of you familiar with Tarot, or even if you’re not and want to learn a quick fact, you’ll note mine is the 8th card of the Major Arcana, but in some decks it can be the 11th (Justice and Strength can be flipped in these 8th and 11th positions depending on the deck).

The spread I used included five cards; Justice at the top to center the theme, a card representing the present situation, a card for The Scales/what needs to be weighed up, a card for The Sword for what action to take/events will occur, and finally a card for the outcome. As I shuffled the cards, my questions and thoughts were focused on the recent policing brutalities against Blacks and the presidential election—what will the outcome be for both? Meaning, will justice be duly served to those that have done the wrong, and will our country get justice for the havoc being wrought against it over the past four years by a man in charge who I believe is not truly looking out for the good of all the people that he is supposed to represent? Below are the cards I pulled:

My Present Situation card is The Empress, reversed. I’ve always seen and felt her as being a mother card so I read this right away as simply being ‘mama ain’t happy.’ I can definitely see how a mother could be weeping right now over how things are with her proverbial children (re my opening paragraph above where I myself am now crying oceans). The second card I pulled for what needs to be weighed up was the Knight Of Wands, reversed. This card in the reversed position can represent a bully and unreliability. I also see a smug look on the face of the boy pictured on this card–check it out for yourself below:

Do we have some bullies that need to have some smugness knocked out of them? Absolutely.

My third card representing what action to take was The Hermit. I read this as confirmation that what I was doing was a great first step—quiet observation and introspection. I have always believed that quietness and solitude are overrated. And the two combined together can be amazing, which is one of the reasons meditation is a daily, necessary part of my life. When things get too crazy for me to maintain my happy level of sanity, I remind myself to just be still and quiet so I can hear and know that this too shall pass.

For my last card—The Outcome—I pulled this lovely lady:

I gasped out loud when I first turned over the card and she was revealed to me. A Black woman. In the upright position. Of the suit representing grounded-ness and stability, financial and otherwise. This is one of the “safe and sound” cards of Tarot. There is currently a woman who identifies as half Black running for Vice President. She also used to be a district attorney and attorney general, aka a representation of justice. Does this mean she will be elected come November? Not exactly. Remember, Tarot doesn’t necessarily predict the future, rather it reveals things you may not see at first glance on your own or things you refuse to acknowledge as being true. To me this meant, in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “We gon’ be alright.” It may not be this year—because really, what has gone right this year?—but it’s coming. Things look really shitty now and it’s hard to believe a rainbow ending will come from anything currently happening. It would be easy to fall into the pessimistic rabbit hole of stopping to care and not wanting to try and change things for the better, but this reading reassured me that Justice has not left the building. Also, I’m trying to be mindful and have stopped putting the word ‘no’ in front of the well-known cry ‘justice and peace’ (a la the very title of this post) because I believe you bring about what you think about. If I keep thinking and saying out loud ‘no justice, no peace,’ then I’ll never see either. So, as soon as possible: justice and peace, please. 

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