My First Blogging Mistake–I Am So Embarrassed!

My first blogging mistake. I’m so embarrassed and probably very few of you caught it.

Let’s play the game Two Truths And A Lie. One of the next three statements is false:
A new post was uploaded this past Monday.
The post was about forced unmuting.
The email blast that went out about the new post was updated correctly.

Do you know which is the lie? The last one. I was so excited about posting new content and meeting my self-imposed deadline that I forgot to change the content of the email notification that accompanies each of my posts. For those who read those blasts before going to my latest posts you were probably a little confused and wondering, why is she posting about Martin Luther King, Jr. again? Has she lost her marbles? The answer is no, I have not lost my marbles (at least not the majority of them), and I just forgot to update the blast.

Apologies for my mistake, but now at least you know I am indeed very human and that I’m so passionate about this blog and writing I sometimes forget all the accoutrement that goes with it. I will do better readers, I promise. Have a great day!

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  1. Kat Damiani

    February 1, 2018 at 7:50 am

    I had taken a mental note to tell you! But then when I clicked the link and saw that it was indeed a new post, I forgot all about the email notification. No biggie! I’m enjoying your posts.

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