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This past Summer I went to a family wedding. The last time I’d seen almost everyone in attendance was at the previous family wedding prior to that five years ago. I got to sit next to one of my favorite cousins at the rehearsal dinner–a favorite because she’s very blunt and seemingly has no filter. I can’t remember now what we were talking about, but I remember her clearly saying to me, “You’re so different than you were the last time I saw you.” Maybe she meant my physical appearance: my super-short natural hair was dyed Platinum Blonde, I was pretty slender, and I was wearing my colored contacts that make my eyes appear Grey. Maybe she was thinking about our conversation and noticing how I also seemingly had no filter–champagne and enjoyable company tend to especially do that to me. I thought back to how I was when she’d last seen me: just six months postpartum, still breast feeding on demand (which means I had my original huge girls who have long since gone away, and I now know first hand that a smaller breast size makes a huge difference in one’s overall physical appearance), and desperately in need of a marathon 32-hour sleep session. I was probably really uptight and on edge, much more so than all the other guests who were able to freely drink alcohol and let down their guards. So, put all that together along with what has happened in my life over the last five years and all I think is, I would HOPE I’ve changed!

I believe that one of our jobs as human beings is to be forever curious, mostly about ourselves, so that we can discover our true gifts and life’s purpose, and of course live our lives being and doing those things. I believe that’s our job as humans because, for myself, if I’m neither learning about and trying to figure out who I’m supposed to be nor living out who I’m supposed to be, then how am I supposed to…be? As we develop into ourselves and start to figure out these things, I think it makes complete sense that we evolve into different versions of ourselves along the way. Sometimes these different versions include obvious physical changes accompanied by the emotional ones we cannot see. Having my hair super short means less time spent on grooming and more time spent on other things, like family play time, exercising, reading and writing. If I’m spending a lot of time exercising then of course my physical body is going to change, just like my extra reading and studying time have led to great personal and emotional growth that has happened over the last half decade, which brings me to the whole purpose of this post.

In a way, I feel that I’m “coming out” of the proverbial woo-woo closet. As I mention on the page, my own journey with crystals and Tarot started when I was an adolescent but because of the strict Christian religious environment my parents created I was not able nor encouraged to fully explore and study them. Tarot was (and still sometimes is) associated with witchcraft and we all know what happened to women who were believed to be witches. What I have come to know and understand is that though many witches do use and read Tarot, one does not have to be a witch to have a talent for reading the cards. This is why I have allowed myself to study Tarot and hone my skill for reading it. My worries about what others may think have flown out the window because I know the truth. In one of the last emails I wrote to my dad before he passed away, I came out to him–told him I wanted to start reading Tarot for a living. “I don’t know about that,” I distinctly remember he’d replied. He said something else along with it that I can’t remember as exactly but I do remember feeling sorry for how he was going to feel once he passed away, which I knew would be soon, and could see that I was really legit. I knew he was going to feel just a bit badly that he hadn’t believed me, but I hoped he would also be able to see that I wasn’t the least bit angry or upset with him for it. And, last but not least, how could I be teaching people about the beauty of being unmuted when I still wasn’t fully unmuting myself?!? My cold reads for others were uncannily accurate which brought me to finally having the courage to put a separate page up on my website just for this, because I truly love being able to help others and I’ve always wanted to be able to do what I love for “work.”

Along with studying Tarot, for me, came studying crystals. I had some long-standing health issues that I’d been treating with medication but wanted to instead find natural alternatives for treatment. I came upon crystals, started self-treating using them, and took off from there because I couldn’t help but think, if they work for this then how will they work for that?!? The more I discovered about them and just how many ways they can actually be helpful, the more I wanted to continue to learn about them, all the way up to my taking and completing a course to become a Certified Crystal Practitioner.

Since these are two of the things I’ve discovered as being part of my life’s purpose, it has been a long time coming and is another 2019 goal set for myself that I’ve met. With this comes lots of celebration on my end (note to self: get some champagne to pop in honor of this blog post). In addition to my regular posts about everything and anything under the sun that has to do with unmuting, you may now also see posts about a particularly interesting Tarot reading session I had or an usual thing for which I’ve found crystals to be useful in healing. Also with this comes the happiness that super self-confidence brings, which can come from being self assured that you’ve figured out another piece of the big puzzle that is you. And, if you’re having trouble figuring out or staying on track with part of the big puzzle that is you, I’m happy to help you figure it all out with a reading. Until next time, happy unmuting!

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