What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

With everything turned seemingly upside down because of the pandemic, I feel like we’ve all been checking in on one another more than we normally would. I’ve been on both the sending and receiving ends of messages that go something like, “hey–just checking in. Everything good? Hope you’re well!” Which sometimes sparks a multi-message catch-up chat conversation where venting, lamenting, and comic relief are all exchanged. And while checking in on our friends and family during this time that has been highly stressful for some is a great way of reminding them you care about them, have you also been remembering to check in with yourself and take your own pulse? In other words, what have you done for you(rself) lately?

Self care is such an important thing yet it can be so hard sometimes for us to carve out time to make it happen. I think sometimes we get bogged down in thinking we have to do something ‘big’ in order to be able to call something a self care act, like taking a two-week vacation to the Azores (which sounds quite lovely to me, by the way). In reality, it doesn’t have to be on such a grand scale at all. As long as you’re doing something that makes you happy and helps you relax and forget about some life stress, it counts.

I’m very excited to debut with this post something new I’m adding to this blog: some of my posts, starting with this one, will now include a conversation along with the written piece. How will this happen? Enter my YouTube channel, Angie and dorianunmuted! My friend Angie and I will be sitting down having conversations about some of the things I write about, or just some of the things I wonder about and need a sounding board for. I’m excited she will be joining me for some of my unmuted musings, including today’s: self care during a pandemic. Please join us as we sit and chat about the self care we have–or have not been–keeping up with during our lockdown time. And, because this is our first episode, we share a bit of our backgrounds and play a getting to know you game with a twist. Click here to watch, listen, and enjoy. And as always, if you’d like to let me know about some of your own self care ideas and indulgences, please do leave a comment below and share!

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